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Mode Refinement

For Stylists

       Refine your skills
                 -behind the chair 

Having trouble giving your guest that  killer blow dry, having hard time blending lines with that hair design, afraid of updos? Confused why you can't get a perfectly even perimeter line on that bob...Or maybe you just feel like you need a boost on all of your skills behind the chair, but don't know where to get it.

Mode Refinement is a training program about to launch for stylists that just need a little refinement or maybe even a lot (lol) behind the chair. We'll work as a group or individually on all aspects of styling behind the chair and refine your skills one step at a time.

Having trouble giving your guest a killer blow dry, hard time blending lines with that hair design, afraid of updos?? I'll help you gain confidence on the skills you're most looking to improve.Right after being behind the chair is my passion to help better stylists behind the chair. I'm looking for 4 stylists to begin Mode Refinement for half off the program price! If you're interested in applying yourself or any of your stylists for this opportunity, fill out the application attached below and send it back .

We'll be in touch as soon as we have our chosen stylist!! 

1711 South Willow Street Manchester, NH 03103


  • One on One Refinement 

  • Refinement Session Series earns you        Free Education

  • Group Sessions available 

“ Never stop learning , because life nev
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