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Organic Colour Systems

We believe.

Reliability. Respect. Integrity. Transparency.

These values are at the centre of who we are and what we do. They represent our attitude, our decisions and our actions to set the rules by which we conduct our business…

• Animals should not suffer for beauty
• Maintain the highest quality and safety standards
• Manufacture products that are healthier for you, your staff and your clients
• Manufacture products with respect and responsibility

Revolutionary, high performance and unlike any other professional line.



We believe that you are what you eat, and that our scalps literally drink up what you put on them! We're head over heels in love with what Mother Earth has provided us and love for our products to be as chock full of her vitamins and minerals as possible!


Cult & King


This isn’t just about making the best hair and shave products in the world;
this is about a new movement of positive, disruptive change.


Malibu C

The Problem Starts With Your Water

Minerals found in water at home are continuously exposed to the hair during bathing. Hot or warm water will open the cuticle, allowing minerals to get inside. Dive deep into how water affects your hair. 

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